Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Downloading and compiling firefox.

Building Firefox from the nightly build.

This is a slightly scary operation, but it turned out alright (I think). Following instructions
I first grabbed the libidl autoconf213 yasm tools using macports. This project stalled because of conflicts with an existing installed item and I had to deactivate it. (/usr/local/bin/prove -- a command line tool for running tests agains Test::Harness).

The scary part is that it rebuilt perl 5.8 and then built perl 5.12 as well. I depend on the perl defined in /opt/local/bin to run the webwork server running on my laptop! I had to stop that server while I was compiling (it caused another conflict similar to the one for prove) but after firefox was built the webwork server started up again. (whew). The build took about an hour and produced

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