Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Analysis of Sage Project.   Notes:

We started at project.  We found that they have an IRC at  #sagemath

Main project page:

One line description: Sage is a free open-source mathematics software system licensed under the GPL. It combines the power of many existing open-source packages into a common Python-based interface.
(open source maple or mathematica).

History of Sage: see History of SAGE Mathematical package in Erik Likness' blog for details.
William Stein started the project and he has written a short history.

Sage trac:

Sage wiki:

An interesting link on Sage's community page: Promoting Open Source Through Social Media for acculturating new developers. There is also a link to an article describing the massive collaboration among mathematicians to characterize the structure of the E_8 Lie group.  This collaborative effort was sponsored by AIM(American Institute of Math) and is somewhat unusual in the field.

Mecurial repository:   and the trac view of this is at

Sage awards prizes for development within their community:  The Spies Sage Development Prize is an annual award worth $500 that will be given to a person who makes major and inspiring contributions to the development of the Sage Mathematical Software System. The goal of the prize is to acknowledge the recipient and to encourage him or her to continue to do excellent development work on Sage. It is funded by donations to the Sage Foundation by Jaap Spies, and cannot be awarded to the same person twice.

Who is the current release manager for Sage:  Robert Bradshaw? He also participates in Cython (run C code in Python).

 Robert Bradshaw:  home page:

2011 Spies Prize: Robert Bradshaw

Robert Bradshaw has been an extremely active and productive Sage developer for over five years. Additionally, he has been a leader, both in maintaining the community and in important design decisions.
Developer map and description of developers is at:

We'll try to find the key players in the education branch. From Sagedays31 (June 2011) I know that

Karl-Dieter Crisman
Jason Grout
Robert Beezer

are involved.

Rishikesh -- automated testing (and builds) @ Waterloo

We know that William Stein was the original release manager and that he is no longer serving in that position. Who is the current release manager? Can we tell from the site?

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